Meeting attendance

Thursday, 3rd December, 2020 10.00 am, Arts and Culture Forum

Venue:   Online via the Zoom app

Contact:    Alethea Thompson
01395 571653

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Kerri-Ann Briggs Committee Member Present
Councillor Joe Whibley Chair Present
Councillor Bruce De Saram Committee Member Present
Sally Twiss Committee Member Present
Brian Norris Committee Member Apologies
Penny Lewis Committee Member Expected
Colin Buchan Committee Member Present
Eli Pang Committee Member Present
Councillor Sarah Jackson Committee Member Present
Councillor Geoff Jung Committee Member Present
Councillor Eleanor Rylance Committee Member Expected
Councillor Olly Davey Committee Member Present
Councillor Andrew Moulding Committee Member Present
Andrew Hopkins Officer Expected
Louise Cole Committee Member Expected
Councillor John Loudoun Public Apologies
Deirdre Hounsom Public Expected
Tim Dafforn Officer In attendance
Ruth Gooding Officer In attendance
Charles Plowden Officer In attendance
Graham Whitlock Officer In attendance
Phil Carrigan Committee Member Expected
William Jones Public In attendance
Sarah Jenkins Officer In attendance
Alethea Thompson Officer In attendance
John Golding Officer In attendance
Councillor Peter Faithfull Guest In attendance
Councillor Paul Arnott Guest In attendance
Councillor Jess Bailey Guest In attendance
Councillor Paul Hayward Guest In attendance
Councillor Paul Millar Guest In attendance
Carla Hiley Officer In attendance
Andrew Gwyn Davies Public In attendance
Councillor Andrew Colman Guest In attendance
Councillor Nick Hookway Guest In attendance