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Minutes of Budget Setting and Capital Allocations Panel held on 2 December 2021


Members agreed to note the minutes of the Budget Setting and Capital Allocations Panel held on 2 December 2021 and consider the recommendations at minute 141 Draft Revenue and Capital Budgets 2022/23.


Minute 24 Capital Bids Proposed 2022/23


a.     Bid 1 Exmouth Camperdown Depot Roof Replacement (£32k for yr 22/23)

b.     Bid 2 Exmouth Pavilion Refurbishment and Improvement Works for works only to mitigate health and safety requirement element of the bid at a figure to be agreed by Strategic Lead Finance and relevant officers

c.      Bid 4 Replacement of roofs at Broadclyst and Ottery Leisure Centres (£316,250 yr 22/23 and £259,325 yr 23/24)

d.     Bid 5 Corporate Property Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Works (£52K yr 22/23, £52k yr 23/24)

e.     Bid 6 Review of energy saving opportunities and resultant improvement works across Corporate and Leisure Portfolios part bid (£60k only for yr 22/23) and further investigation of works required

f.       Bid 7 External Repairs at Various Corporate Buildings (£224,250 yr 22/23 and £224,250 yr 23/24)

g.     Bid 9 External Emergency Lighting to Various Industrial Units (£29K yr 22/23)

h.     Bid 10 LED Tenanted Property Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Works (£200K yr 22/23 and £231K yr 23/24)

i.       Bid 11 Refurbishment of sports halls and sports floors at various LED premises only sports floors element of bid at a figure to be agreed by Strategic Lead Finance and relevant officers

j.       Bid 12 Refurbishment of swimming pool plant at Exmouth, Honiton, and Sidmouth LED Pools (£63, 250 yr 22/23 and £63,250 yr 23/24)

k.      Bid 13 Refurbishment/replacement of ventilation equipment and HVAC plant at various LED leisure centres (£172,500 yr 22/23)

l.       Bid 14 External Decorations and Repairs Depots (£32K yr 22/23)

m.    Bid 15 Main Streetscene Depots Operation Review (£50k yr 22/23)

n.     Bid 16 Colyton Dolphin St Toilets Render to External Walls and External Decorations with efforts made to reduce to minimum work required (£25K yr 22/23)

o.     Bid 17 Mini Site Nr 3, Durham Way, Honiton - Retaining Wall rebuild (£101,500 in yr 22/23)

p.     Bid 18 Refurbishment and Repairs to Beach Huts and Chalets part bid (£100k yr 22/23) and endorse ongoing work to review the beach huts and chalets offer

q.     Bid 20 Exmouth Manor Gardens Tool Shed Replacement (£22,500 yr 22/23)

r.       Bid 21 Exmouth Leisure Centre - Replacement of Cold Water Storage Tank with Mains Water Supply (£21,000 yr 22/23)

s.      Bid 22 Exmouth and Manor Pavilion Repairs to Stage Equipment (£43,300 yr 22/23 and £13,200 yr 23/24)

t.       Bid 24 Recycling & Waste Capital Programme part bid at £405K for yr 22/23 to cover necessary elements outside of contract negotiation

u.     Bid 25 Axmouth Harbour Repair (£70K yr 22/23)

v.      Bid 26 Beer Breakwater Scour Repair (£40K yr 22/23)

w.    Bid 27 Blackmore Gardens Maintenance (£20k yr 22/23)

x.      Bid 28 Car Park relining of spaces (£20k yr 22/23)

y.      Bid 29 Exmouth Seawall Repairs (£40K yr 22/23)

z.      Bid 30 Foxholes Resurfacing (£100K yr 22/23)

aa. Bid 31 Rewilding Plantation Walk, The Beacon, Exmouth (£50K yr 22/23)

bb. Bid 32 Sidmouth Seawall Repairs (£70K yr 22/23)

cc. Bid 33 Axmouth Harbour ALWC survey (£22K yr 22/23)

dd. Bid 34 Exmouth Beach Management Plan (£75k yr 22/23 and £75k 23/24)

ee. Bid 37 Littleham Brook Outfall repair (£175K yr 22/23)

ff. Bid 38 Littleham Village Hall renewal of play equipment (£75k yr 23/24)

gg. Bid 39 Renewal of Norman Crescent play area, Budleigh Salterton (£60k yr 23/24)

hh. Bid 40 Phear Park Skatepark Lighting part bid (£20k yr 22/23) with request to Exmouth Town Council to fund remaining £20k; and ensure low energy lighting used

ii. Bid 41 Renewal of Whitebridges Play Area, Honiton (£130K yr 22/23)

jj. Bid 42 Renewal of Willow Walk play area, Honiton (£50k yr 22/23


2 An uplift of 10% on all engineering project bids listed at £75k or above to cover additional resources required to deliver the projects.

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