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Temporary Uses Update


Tim Child, Service Lead – Place, Assets & Commercialisation, presented a report to provide Members with an understanding of the proposals for temporary uses in 2022 and the work being undertaken.  The following points were highlighted:

·        Members’ attention was drawn to paragraph 1.3 of the report which set out the feedback received from traders at the recent meeting with Officers and other feedback received outside of the meeting.

·        Members were updated on proposals for 2022 and on the existing arrangements with Torbay Development Agency who are well placed to take forward the work of commercial valuation of the pitches in December and will commence discussions with the existing traders in early January.  It is anticipated that terms will be agreed by the end of January or, if agreement has not been reached, marketing of vacant pitches will commence.

·       With regard to the funfair, it is proposed to tender for a more traditional funfair, with the EDDC Events Team leading on this work.  Until marketing takes place it is unclear whether such an operator would be interested.

·       It is proposed to discuss arrangements for the bar with LED in the first instance, with discussions led by Torbay Development Agency.  If terms cannot be agreed then the bar offer will be marketed.

·        The difficulties with the fitness space were outlined and it was noted that there is only one possible operator interested for 2022, with no other expressions of interest at this stage.  The cost of potential groundworks required may make this space unviable going forward and, if so, alternative uses would be sought.

·       Paragraph 1.10 outlined the potential investment costs due to the works needed to the seating, lighting, drainage, wifi, shelter for those in wheelchairs and a seagull scarer.  A report will be provided to the Delivery Group once the scale of the works has been determined, however, early indications are that this cost is likely to be upwards of £40,000.


Discussion and questions from Members included the following:

·        It was proposed that the funfair for the 2022 season should be less noisy, less bright and more in keeping with a traditional family funfair.

·        A need for improved signage to car parks had been discussed previously, but still appeared to be outstanding.  Tim Child would follow up on this matter with the relevant team.

·        Regarding the valuation of rent for the traders’ pitches, Members were referred to the Part B report to the September meeting for more detail as rents are a commercially sensitive matter.

·        The interest of the Exmouth Beach Volleyball Club was noted.  EDDC is currently only able to offer a one year arrangement which makes it difficult for the Club to obtain grant funding.  This item could be followed up through the consultation process in 2022.

·        Short term usage for 2022 could be discussed further with the Beach Volleyball Club.

·        The future development of the Dinosaur play park will be picked up through the consultation process and Members will then be in a position to make a decision following public consultation as to whether this is the best use.

·        An increase in ticketed events could generate income for all involved.

·        Greater detail regarding Officers’ operational meeting with the traders would have been welcomed.

·        The working arrangements with Torbay Development Agency (TDA) do not incur a cost for the Queen’s Drive re-development project and work is passed to TDA in line with existing contract arrangements to support the Estates Team.

·        The operator of the railway chose to leave the site early last season, however, the EDDC Events Team is in discussion with the operator regarding 2022.

·        It was suggested that cycle racks could be installed and Tim Child agreed to follow up on this with the relevant team.

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