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Integrated Asset Management Contract


The Property and Asset Manager’s report provided the HRB with an update on the delivery of the Integrated Asset Management Contract for quarter 1 of 2021/22 and sought approval of the high level governance of the contract.  This was to ensure that all amendments/variations/changes required to the contract were managed in the most efficient compliant manner as possible to ensure the daily operational delivery of the Integrated Asset Management Contract (IAMC) was maintained.


The IAMC delivered by Ian Williams entered its third year on 1 April 2021.  Many challenges had been encountered during the first two years, the main ones being:

·        Developing a professional working relationship between EDDC and Ian Williams.

·        Implementing a new contract delivery model, Price Per Property (PPP) and Price Per Void (PPV).

·        The impact on delivery of the service of the Covid-19 pandemic.

·        The impact on delivery of the service of Brexit.


It was noted that the level of performance in the delivery of reactive repairs was falling and this needed to be addressed.  Compliance meetings were held monthly between both parties and this was going well.  No access continued to be an issue in the delivery of compliance/cyclical servicing work.  Quarter 1 had seen a drop in complaints made directly against Ian Williams.  Although as a service, Property and Assets complaints were still at a higher than hoped level, work was being done to reduce this trend through learning across both parties.


The Covid-19 pandemic had significantly reduced demand for the Handyperson Service and despite restrictions being lifted demand remained low.


The report explained that the IAMC was designed and set up in such a way to allow additional work streams to be added and to amend the manner in which it was delivered, as the Contract evolved it was likely that numerous changes would be required, it was therefore necessary that there should be a mechanism in place to allow such changes to be made with minimal disruption to the daily operation. The Governance of the Contract was:

·        Any/all changes that effect or require a change to the Terms and Conditions of the Formal Contract to be tabled to/approved by the Core Group and then tabled to the Housing Review Board for final acceptance/sign off.

·        Any/all changes that were solely operational and required no change to the Terms and Conditions of the Formal Contract to be tabled to/approved by the Core Group and then signed off by the EDDC Strategic Lead/Service Lead for Housing and a Director of Ian Williams.

The report recommended that the Housing Review Board accept the levels of Governance for the IAMC Contract and this was noted by the Board.


The Chair of the Board thanked the Property and Asset Manager for his report.


The Vice Chair reported that from a tenant’s point of view the IAMC had been challenging.  Tenants had struggled to have a meeting with the Ian Williams repairs team for the past 18 months.  It was hoped that as Covid restrictions were no longer in place it would be possible to recommence tenant review team meetings.  There was a need to ensure continuous improvement and to manage expectations.





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