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Forward Plan

Scrutiny forward work plan

·         Review S106/CIL


Proposal forms received:


1.    Staff morale, mental health and wellbeing

2.    The role of Planning Enforcement


2 Scrutiny Forward Plan proposal forms were received.


Members considered a proposal form received from Councillor Helen Parr on staff morale, mental health and wellbeing in view of the Covid pandemic and other pressures on Officers.


During discussions the following points were noted:

·         The Leader advised that as there was a staff survey currently in progress it should be a matter for Overview to consider.

·         The Chair suggested that the Chief Executive could attend a future Scrutiny Committee to update Members on the results of the staff survey

·         Members debated whether it should be Scrutiny Committee or Overview Committee that should consider the proposal.  In response the Chief Executive advised that he would bring a report to Cabinet in due course and would discuss the matter with the relevant Portfolio Holder.  He clarified that the role of the Scrutiny Committee was to look at morale and other issues that may impact on performance and the role of the Overview Committee was to look at policy development.

·         The Chief Executive advised he was happy to bring a report to the Scrutiny Committee.

·         This is a serious matter and should be examining many angles.

·         Clarification sought on why some Members did not want the Scrutiny Committee to consider the proposal.  In response the Chair confirmed he would like Scrutiny to consider the proposal.

·         Clarification sought from Legal about whether it should be considered by Scrutiny or Overview.  In response Anita Williams advised it could be considered by either Committee and suggested that because there was an issue with time and a duplication of resources it could be considered at a joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

·         The need to look at provision for staff that are dealing with stress or other issues resulting from the pandemic;



1.    That the proposal be put on the Scrutiny forward plan and scoped.

2.    That Members invite the Chief Executive to come to a meeting as soon as possible to give his views on the situation to explain what he thinks needs doing and what he thinks can help.


Members considered a proposal form received from Councillor Val Ranger on the role of Planning Enforcement to consider scrutinising the performance of the council in relation to this area to ensure it is sufficiently resourced.


Members concurred their support.


During discussions the following points were noted:

·         There was a need to look at the proposal and try and get as many different people to ask questions and as many people to answer those questions, particularly those involved in enforcement.

·         The Chair of Planning Committee confirmed there were issues with planning enforcement and suggested the need to look at additional resources.

·         The need for a better understanding of regimes and policies centred on Planning and the need to understand the way Central Government manages and inhibits district councils.



1.    That a report on the planning enforcement process should come to Scrutiny Committee so that Members can ask questions and fully understand the forces at play be agreed.

2.      That Scrutiny Members consider whether the Planning Enforcement Team are fully resourced be agreed.

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