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Street Trading Policy update


The Licensing Manager presented the Street Trading Policy update report and highlighted the following points:

·         The Committee had approved the consultation at the meeting in December 2022 which included a review of street trading application fees.

·         The designation of prohibited streets applied solely to Sidmouth, with the list of current prohibited streets shown at Appendix B.

·         It was noted that the list of streets in Appendix C was incorrect and confirmed that the designated streets under discussion are as listed in Appendix B.

·         A large proportion of responses to the consultation were specific to Sidmouth, with objections to any further relaxation of designated prohibited streets.

·         It was noted that the current Street Trading Policy designates the Sidmouth Esplanade and Promenade as a consent street, but only during Sidmouth Folk Week and for the purposes of the sale of craft items only, not including food and drink items, so as not to conflict with local hospitality businesses.

·         Other responses to the consultation referred to Axminster and Cranbrook.

·         There is a need for a revised, fit for purpose Street Trading Policy to be in place by the start of the new civic year in May, as the policy covers the whole district.

·         Any change to the consultation draft of the policy at this stage would legally require a further consultation to be held.


Questions from Members and discussion included the following points:

·         The comments regarding the consultation were noted, however, it was difficult to predict what would be the response from Sidmouth residents if a further consultation was held.

·         Should a further consultation be held, this would delay the adoption of the Street Trading Policy and would leave the whole district without a fit for purpose policy over the summer months and during the first months of a new Council term following the election in May.

·         It was noted that any extension of the consent time applying to the Sidmouth Esplanade and Promenade would result in those areas being open for any application at any time.

·         Officers would be happy to discuss greater flexibility with Sidmouth Town Council going forward but any change at this stage would require further consultation.

·         Sidmouth Town Council would need to specify exactly what they would wish to happen regarding street trading on the Esplanade and Promenade and that this should be linked to particular events rather than dates.

·         It was noted that Officers had worked closely with Cranbrook Town Council as a consultee in order to establish an appropriate framework for Cranbrook.  Officers would be happy to work with Sidmouth Town Council, although authority to grant licences could not be delegated.



1.    That the Committee notes the results of the public consultation exercise undertaken (Appendix A of the report)

2.    That the streets as currently designated in East Devon (set out in Appendix B of the report) be kept

3.    That the Street Trading Policy (set out in Appendix C of the report) be approved

4.    That the Committee recommends to Council that the fees be applied to all applications received for Street Trading Consent from 1st May 2023 as set out in Appendix C of the report

5.    That the Committee will revisit the issue of including specific events for the consent of the Esplanade and Promenade in Sidmouth after the start of the new civic year in consultation with Sidmouth Town Council.



The Chair thanked Cllr Cole for attending the meeting.


The Chair also thanked the Licensing Manager for his work and support for the Committee.  The Licensing Manager wished to record his thanks to the Licensing Street Trading Support Officer and the Licensing Support Officer for their work on the Street Trading Policy and consultation.

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