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Presentations from invited developers/agents/landowners promoting sites in the west end of the district

The running order of presentations and scheduled time slots will be available by the end of the 28 October.


Mark Dyson, Mark Dyson Property & Nick Wheeldon, Waycotts

GH/ED/56 – Land at Coxes Farm, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary

The landowner owns and lives at the property known as “Denbowe”, and has an interest in the Langdon Business Park, both at the NW side of the site.  These properties have the potential to add to the submitted land, to form part of a larger development, either as further commercial or mixed use, or to access the overall site.  Otherwise there is a good access directly onto the speed restricted zone of the A3052, with good visibility for and of oncoming traffic in both directions.  This is level site, slightly sloping to the west end with loamy and clayey soils.  The site is tree-lined to the SW boundary and between the two land parcels.      The site lies in Environment Agency’s Flood Zone 1, at very low risk of flooding.   A low voltage power line on poles, crosses the western part of the site.


This 8.63 ha (21 a) site, which has been put forward in the landowner’s updated (2022) HELAA submission for employment use and now it is suggested it would be ideal for a mixed employment and residential use.  At least 2 ha (5 a) at the western end already has a semi-industrial outlook, bordered as it is on two sides by commercial development, the Langdon Business Park to the North and the Enfield Digester site to the South.  Access will either be directly from the A3052 or through the existing business park.  The remaining 6.63 ha (16.3 a) could be allocated as residential development, SANGS and public open space (POS) delivering up to 150 residential units with a viable percentage of affordable housing.  The development would also include naturalised SuDS features, cycle ways and other community facilities to benefit the local area.


Mark Dyson, Mark Dyson Property & Nick Wheeldon, Waycotts

Clge_03 – Land at Clyst Road, Clyst St Mary & Clg_05 –

Land to the west side of Blue Ball, Clyst St Mary

Both sites are under the same single ownership bordering the M5 and separated from each other by Old Rydon Lane.


The land shown comprises 1.75 ha (4.3 acres) which is the subject of this submission.  The whole land parcel (SX9690 5266) includes a further frontage strip of about 30m wide totalling approx. 0.75 ha which belongs is represented by Nick Wheeldon.  This has been selected by officers for consideration separately under reference Clge_04.


The site is gently sloping, south-facing land on light, well drained soils with frontage to the motorway on the west side and to previously developed residential land to the North.  There is a wide neighbouring evergreen shelter belt immediately to the South screening the existing light industrial site there.


The 1.75 ha part would be suitable for 40-50 residential units, including a reasonable viable percentage of affordable and self-build housing.  This represents a medium density development to include Public Open Space, naturalised SuDS features and probably a LEAP play area.  The density and type of development would be comparable to existing development immediately opposite, on the east side of the motorway.


Should the 0.75ha (1.9 a) of frontage land (Clge_04) be included at the same density, an additional 17-21 residential units could be appropriate subject to agreement by the parties.



This land in question abuts the M5 motorway, is well screened by mature trees and bushes, and lies at a somewhat lower level. The land has light well-drained soils and according to the EA flood maps is in Flood Zone 1 at very low risk of flooding. The site amounts to approximately 0.80 ha and forms a shallow valley gently sloping to south west and north east. The soil itself is well drained land and is currently in horticultural production.


Access from Clyst Road is by way of a single lane track owned by the landowner.  Up to five large detached dwellings could be accommodated each with 0.16 ha using the existing access and a cul-de-sac layout.   It is considered that this type and density of development is appropriate for this area where plot sizes of existing housing on the neighbouring land to the south are similar.


It is possible that the land could be better developed in conjunction with neighbouring land to the north and east, using access for higher density residential/commercial development although the neighbouring land owners have not yet been approached.


Questions raised by Members:

Ø  Confirmation sought on the number of houses and whether there would be affordable housing provision for Clg_05.  Mr Dyson advised it would be five large houses as the access road was narrow and there would be no affordable houses on this site as it was under the threshold.


Daniel Rogers, Bell Cornwell

Farr_02 – Land at Waldrons Farm, Sidmouth Road, Farringdon

·         Broadly a ‘T’ shaped site suitable for mixed use development;

·         The site sites east of the Hill Barton Industrial Estate area;

·         Wide frontage on the A3052 and A30;

·         Existing bus stop located a short distance from the site which serves the A3052;

·         Access from the A3052;

·         Pylons run east to the site

·         Parsonage Lane runs west of the site;

·         The site is relatively flat and self-contained within the landscape;


Questions raised by Members:

Ø  Clarification sought on how the proposed development would fit within the Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan.  Mr Rogers advised at this stage there were no development proposals for this site;

Ø  Clarification sought on the pylons.  In response Mr Rogers advised the pylons located east of the site followed just outside the site boundary.


Nick Matthews, Savills

Greendale Business Park Expansion

·         Home to circa 1,600 employees in a wide range of businesses in a well landscaped location hidden from public view;

·         Approx. 21 ha.

·         Located very close to al new settlement options;

·         A new roundabout could be introduced to alleviate the issues of traffic;

·         Provision of attenuation could be introduced to alleviate the issue of flooding and drainage within the site;

·         Landscaping provided to limit views and to provide an in-house environment

·         Economic benefits would include a range of different types of employment that could create appox.1,368 permanent jobs across a range of sectors;

·         Opportunity to obtain biodiversity net gain through enhancement of the landscape and tree planting around the business park;

·         Energy sustainability of the proposed new buildings with the potential to change of the diet of the existing AD Plant to incorporate some of the food waste which is currently transported out to Somerset to provide further power to the expansion site;

·         Opportunity to put solar panels on roofs of the business park to avoid solar panels on greenfield land;

·         Potential for battery storage.


Councillor Philip Skinner left the meeting and did not take part in Members question time.


Questions raised by Members:

Ø  Clarification sought on the highway issues along Sidmouth Road and how would the volume of traffic be dealt with.  In response Mr Matthews advised that potential improvements had been investigated and the opportunity to co-locate the employment with new homes to reduce the impact;

Ø  In response to the comment about the AD Plant Councillor Jung clarified that he was not aware of any discussions with Devon County Council and that East Devon had a 5 year contract for its food waste.  In response Mr Matthews said he did not mean to mislead Members and advised there was still a benefit;

Ø  Clarification sought on the different coloured areas on the landscape impact slide.  Mr Matthews advised it related to the zone of theoretical visibility which were areas of where there was a possibility of seeing the site.


Councillor Philip Skinner returned to the meeting.


Jeff Richards, Turley

·         Key strategic location in West End’

·         Opportunity for 8,000+ homes;

·         Vehicular access points taken from two points on the A30 and three points along the A3052;

·         The opportunity for a new sustainable transport link between the A30 and A3052;

·         Creation of three new neighbourhoods, each with a local centre and primary school;

·         Plentiful recreation routes, sports and play facilities;

·         20ha. Of new employment land;

·         11ha. Secondary school site;

·         185ha. SANGS;

·         Creating connectivity between existing key routes and corridors as part of expended network in West End;

·         Potential for clean growth initiatives linked to transport such as interchange points and charging hubs;

·         Significant links to existing employment area and further onsite delivery;

·         Facilitate delivery and expansion of regional green space

·         Good accessibility in respect of the proximity to and the ability to directly connect with other significant part of the West End;

·         Significant opportunities for enhanced GI network including well located Regional Park extension;


Councillor Philip Skinner left the meeting and did not take part in Members question time.


Questions and comments from Members:

Ø  Clarification sought on how to alleviate sewage issues.  Mr Richards advised more work was required to identify a solution

Ø  Clarification sought on the highways mitigation.  In response Mr Richards advised the ability to interlink the access from the A30 to the north and the A3052 to the south of the site as well as an opportunity to introduce a park and ride scheme and potential for a strategic road interchange.

Ø  Reassurance was sought to avoid splitting the two sites by a major road.  Mr Richards advised the road would be the heart of the development with the opportunity for a transport corridor;

Ø  How is the road and essential infrastructure going to be paid, when will it be delivered and what will be delivered.  In response Mr Richards advised the delivery of 2,500 homes would pay for the road and would be delivered to serve the homes built.  Other infrastructure provision would include a local centre and primary school;

Ø  Clarification sought on road distances and whether it was ‘as the crow flies’ as the location was remote from a railway station and a poor bus service.  It was confirmed ‘as the crow flies’;

Ø  This is likely to end up as a dormitory town to serve Exeter;

Ø  Are there further proposals to support public transport?  Mr Richards advised bus connections to this part of East Devon could be looked at and the landowners would be happy to work with DCC.

Ø  Clarification sought on how the parcels of land would be managed and the timescales.  Bloor homes would submit an outline planning application and Master Plan for the whole development to include strategic design codes which would come forward to deliver quality homes.

Ø  The Chair sought clarification from the Service Lead – Planning Strategy and Development Management about the Council’s constraints to ensure the delivery a development corporation model with landowners and developers.  The Service Lead – Planning Strategy and Development Management advised there were a lot of lessons to be learnt from Cranbrook and for the need for Members to consider a suitable delivery vehicle that helps deliver a new community which has yet to be done.  There are other options including a Master Developer or to secure land for development in partnership with developers but all options need to be assessed and brought to Strategic Planning Committee in due course if Members agree the new community option.

Ø  Clarification sought on whether the total of 6,000 houses could be delivered within the Local Plan period up to 2040.  Mr Richards advised it was deliverable because there was a house builder on board but it takes time.  2,500 homes was the figure proposed by the Council as a reasonable figure to be delivered.  More houses could be delivered but this would depend on how quick consent was granted.


Councillor Philip Skinner join the meeting.


Bethan Haigh, Boyer Planning

Clg_28 – Land at Addlepool Farm, north and south of Woodbury Road, Clyst St George

·         The site extends to circa. 38ha.

·         Located either side of Woodbury Road (B3179) between the villages of Clyst St George and Ebford;

·         1.6km from Topsham & 8km from Exeter;

·         Circa. 3.4km from the East Devon AONB and close proximity to the Clyst Valley Regional Trail;

·         Opportunity to provided approximately 700 dwellings to meet the new Part L and Future Homes Standard,

·         To include private and affordable homes and a balance of community and recreations facilities;

·         Key benefits include:

Ø  Walkable neighbourhood;

Ø  Primary School and Sports Provision;

Ø  Allotments;

Ø  Significant areas of public open space;

Ø  Highway improvements;

Ø  Single land ownership;

Ø  Provision of housing in the short-medium term

·         Potential for a new bus route through the development;

·         Opportunities to extend public access into the site;

·         Important views to be retained;

·         Opportunity for habitat enhancements (including community orchard);

·         No technical or environmental constraints.


Questions raised by Members:

Ø  Clarification sought on health service provision.  Ms Haigh advised that engagement with the residents of Clyst St George would be encouraged to help understand what they would like to come forward which could include health care, retail of a flexible working space;

Ø  How will you deal with sewage?  Ms Haigh advised although they were only in the first stages of this proposal they  would liaise with the relevant utility providers to ensure adequate provision;

Ø  Can the suggested infrastructure be provided on just 700 houses? Ms Haigh advised it was understanding that it could be provided alongside the highways mitigation and 35% affordable housing.

Supporting documents: