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Presentations from invited developers/agents/landowners promoting sites at Tier 3 and Tier 4 settlements which are recommended for allocation or as second choice sites for allocation by officers

Running order of presentations.


The following presentations were presented to Members.


Alex Bullock, Grass Roots Planning representing Land Value Alliances (LVA)

Brcl_12 – Land West of Whimple Road, Broadclyst

·         Site boundary is circa 12 hectares (30 acres) consisting of 6 largely flat fields divided by mixed hedgerow and limited tree provision;

·         Opportunity to provide 160 dwellings including affordable housing and self- build plots;

·         The site has a collection of farm buildings;

·         Large frontage onto Whimple Road;

·         Public right of ways run through the site;

·         Ability to deliver off-site improvements to public open space, cycle and footpath links via S106;

·         Accessible to primary and secondary school and local facilities;

·         Vehicle access from Whimple Road;

·         Provision of pedestrian and cycle links to existing footpath network;

·         Structural planting to strengthen existing site boundary features;

·         Attenuation basins (sustainable drainage system);

·         Generous new areas of public open space with potential space for new playing field alongside new play areas;

·         Regular bus service linking Broadclyst with Exeter;

·         Cranbrook train station is located circa 3km to the south of the site;

·         Significant biodiversity net gain with an aim to exceed national target.


Richard Jackson, Senior Estate Manager, Killerton House

Brcl_29 – Land East of Town End, Broadclyst

·         Potential to accommodate up to 24 dwellings offering high quality design and layout located close to the village and facilities;

·         Approximately 1ha.

·         Low land sensitivity;

·         Key constraints include minor visual impact on surrounding properties, overlaps SSSI Impact Risk Zone, loss of productive agricultural land and vehicle access would need to be from Town End;


Nick Yeo, 3 West Group Ltd on behalf of Andy J Dyer Limited

GH/ED/73 – Land West of Strawberry Hill, Lympstone

·         Existing development borders the north and south of the site and existing roads to the east and west;

·         Retention of key hedgerows and mature trees within the site;

·         Positive biodiversity net gain;

·         Discussions ongoing with DCC Highways relating to appropriate points of access and to secure appropriate pedestrian linkages.


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  What proportion of the houses built would be affordable?  Mr Yeo advised affordable housing would be provided with the expectation that it would be delivered in accordance with the council’s affordable housing policy.


David Seaton, PCL Planning

GH/ED/75 – Land off Grange Close, Lympstone

·         Site is adjacent to the Built Up Area Boundary (BUAB);

·         Planning consent granted for new dwelling and car port (reference 21/0490/FUL) on adjacent land also outside the BUAB;

·         Site is accessible from a private drive to the south, connecting to Grange Close;

·         Existing trees would be retained with the provision of sensitive and domestic scale landscaping.  All landscaping would carefully consider both existing wildlife and horticulture while attempting to establish


Sam Blight, Acorn Property Group

Lymp_01 – 22 Underhill Crescent, Lympstone

·         Key constraint: the site falls within the Green Wedge; 

·         Proposal for sensitive and bespoke design of individual dwellings with due consideration of storey heights, materials, form and landscaping;

·         Infill site – residential development to the north, east and west of the site;

·         Detailed consideration to strengthen existing trees and planting along the southern boundary to produce a legible edge to the settlement;

·         Two points of access from Underhill Crescent and Underhill Close suitable to serve small number of dwellings;

·         Sustainable location within walking distance of local amenities;


Stephen Baimbridge, Greenslades, Taylor Hunt on behalf of Strongvox

Char_04 – Land off Green Lane, Chardstock

·         Provision of at least 10% biodiversity net gain on the site as well as providing other environmental benefits;

·         Opportunity to deliver up to 40 dwellings comfortably whilst maintaining a soft, green edge to the east of the site;

·         Landscape and masterplanning work ongoing;

·         Well located close to village facilities.


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Clarification sought on whether the site would be viable with 30 houses on the site rather than 40 houses that you have suggested and would this include affordable housing.  In response Mr Baimbridge advised Strongbox would deliver the number of affordable houses deemed acceptable by officers and whether it was 40 or 30 houses it would be delivered so that it sits comfortably within a sensitive landscape;

Ø  Clarification sought on whether open space for residents would be provided.  Mr Baimbridge advised the site’s opportunities provided green splits to break up the site in suitable areas.


Richard Shaw, Savills

Sowt_11 – Land at Bishops Court Road, Clyst St Mary

·         Sustainable location to deliver an appropriate level of housing focused around the existing village;

·         Accessible to wider jobs and facilities within a public transport corridor;

·         Within the Clyst Valley Trail and opportunities for cycling;

·         Either or both areas of land can be readily developed for residential with appropriate supporting facilities;

·         The number and range of houses can be flexible which can meet, identify local needs and should include affordable housing;

·         Houses would be built to a high quality and well-designed development with appropriate infrastructure and facilities;

·         Access is available from both parcels of land to the north and south from the road with existing frontier services available;

·         No technical constraints;

·         Potential opportunity to combine future modest scale on the south of Bishops Court with land to the south shown as Sowt_03.


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  In the report officers recommend the site as a 2nd best site with a maximum development of 30 dwellings.  How will this affect your proposal for a maximum yield of 162 dwellings?  In response Mr Shaw advised the landowner was flexible at this stage and that it would be logical for the 30 dwellings to be developed on the area of land to the south of Bishops Court Road.  The facilities that could be delivered with those 30 dwellings would be open space and a mix of housing;

Ø  Is the proposed land used by Devon County Showground? No

Ø  What will be done to alleviate the sewerage issues which is full to capacity? South West Water would need to address these issues with a potential contribution from the landowners to the solutions.


Alan Breckon on behalf of Mrs N Hill and Mrs R Broom

Dunk_05 – Land at Broomfields, Dunkeswell

·         The site is the former Dunkeswell football pitch which includes two dugouts that still stand on the northern side of the site (not listed buildings);

·         It is a roughly square shaped parcel of grassland with a  capacity for 36 dwellings to provide a low density scheme of mixed housing comprising single storey units along the western side with appropriately designed amenity space within the layout, respecting its AONB location;

·         A range of house sizes could be provided catering for younger residents, families and the elderly including the required policy led affordable housing;

·         There are two historic points of access, one off its 30mph road frontage and the other is a gated access to the north and a former access into the football pitch to the south;

·         Trees along its northern and eastern boundaries are protected by TPOs and would be unaffected;

·         Existing mature hedgerow boundary along its southern side would provide softening views of the proposed development and also provide a long term defensible boundary preventing any further development of land on the south side of the village


Daniel Rogers, Bell Cornwell on behalf of Concertare Burlands Mead Ltd

Feni_05 – Land and buildings at Burland Mead, Feniton

·         Potential development in the region of 43 dwellings;

·         1.4ha.

·         Sustainable location, close to the primary school and village shop;

·         Limited sensitivities;

·         The site is an infill development between the railway line and the main road to the north and to the north east and southeast;

·         Existing pavement to provide safe walking;

·         Site vacant for development.


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Clarification sought on the issue of flooding and existing drainage facilities.  Mr Rogers acknowledged the concerns and advised this was currently being investigated by their engineers and the landowners had been liaising with officers to overcome this;

Ø  What will the landowners be doing to resolve the issues of the flooding that regularly occurs at the bottom left corner of the site and sewerage provision to the sewerage pumping station opposite?  Mr Rogers advised he could not provide an answer today and would report the issues raised to the landowner;

Ø  Have you undertaken a survey on housing needs?  Although Mr Rogers advised he did not have the information to hand he predicted 50% of the current development plan.


Stephen Baimbridge, Greenslade Taylor Hunt on behalf of NE & PM Harwood

Feni_08 – Land adjoining to the West of Beechwood, Station Road, Feniton

·         There is now an additional approximately 2.2 hectares of contiguous land that is available as well as being suitable and deliverable;

·         There has been no change to the extent of the northern side;

·         The owners have the right to access the land and connect to utilities through the Wain Homes sites to the west;

·         The additional land will now better connect the brownfield site to the built up area of Feniton ensuring the redevelopment would sit even more comfortably as part of a comprehensive development and improve the pedestrian and cycle experience;

·         The land is available, suitable and deliverable with no significant constraints.


The Service Lead – Planning Strategy and Development Management drew Members attention to the additional land referred to in the presentation advising as it had not been submitted through the HEELA process and was not assessed it could not be considered today.


Dan Yeates, Chris Dolling, Angela Jacobs, Savills on behalf of Taylor Wimpey

Feni_09 – Land at Sherwood Cross, north west Feniton

·         A walkable neighbourhood close to the heart of Feniton’

·         Good access to transport links, local facilities, services and new bus stops;

·         Potential to accommodate approximately 120 dwellings including affordable and market;

·         Opportunity to deliver community and recreational facilities;

·         New walking routes and an extensive area of public open space;

·         The site is relatively contained visually by the topography and existing vegetation;

·         Opportunity for biodiversity net gain, ecological enhancements for a range of species and trees and hedge planting as well as biodiversity education incorporated into the play trail;

·         Site access from widened Colestocks Road;

·         Opportunity for community facilities – pool, bikes, charging hubs, car sharing;

·         Site in flood zone 1 and SuDS proposed to control surface water on the site and manage its discharge;

·         There are two listed buildings in proximity of the site and important hedgerow within the site;


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Clarification sought on the number of affordable housing.  Mr Yeates confirmed it was 50%.

Ø  Clarification sought on the direction of the surface water run-off.  Mr Dolling suggested it would out to the River Tale but would need to double check the route

Ø  Would the landowners be offering an improvement on the bus service? Mr Dolling advised he was happy to contribute towards the local bus service.

Ø  Have you completed a survey to identify the types of houses that would be needed? Mr Yeates advised that Taylor Wimpey were open and flexible in exploring the benefits of different house types.  Mr Dolling advised they wanted to build the right homes in the right location for the local people who want to live there and that a market research would be done to help understand what was needed.


Mathew Dalton Aram, Dalton-Aram Planning Ltd

Kilm_10 – Land to the west and south west of the Old Inn, Kilmington

·         Kilm_10 should be allocated alongside Kilm_09.  Immediately adjacent to each other;

·         Opportunity for five dwellings;

·         Well related to village, services and facilities and A35;

·         Close to public transport links;

·         Performs well in terms of accessibility and sustainability;

·         Disagree that development would have ‘high landscape impact’;

·         Council’s Conservation Officer considered the dwellings should be reoriented along north-south axis to reduce the mass of built form, allow for wider views of landscape and would result in a more comfortable layout when balanced against the immediate and wider setting of the listed building;

·         Devon County Highways raised no objection and considered a small residential development would unlikely to have a severe impact on the A35 trunk road;


In response to Mathew Dalton Aram’s comments the Service Lead – Planning Strategy and Development Management advised that the site was not ruled out as it was currently a 2nd best choice site and suggested conversations were needed with the landowners regarding the constraints to help move the site forward.


Dan Yeates, Savills on behalf of LVA

Sidm_34 – Land between Furzehill and Hillside, Sidbury

·         Opportunity for an exemplar low carbon sustainable development to provide a variety of housing types including affordable housing and self-build;

·         The site would be able to deliver biodiversity net gain and enhanced habitat for wildlife;

·         Located on the edge of the village and close to a range of local services and facilities including a school, shops and bus stops;

·         Provides safe and secure off-road pedestrian/cycle infrastructure avoiding the dangerous parts of the A375 between Hillside and Sidbury;

·         Opportunity to connect to cycle network;

·         Opportunity to deliver open space, allotments and play area;

·         Significant constraints include the site lies within the AONB, potential views of the site from the east and south west, the topography will have significant impact on the design of the proposals including the layout and architectural design.  The site itself is steep, sloping downward from west to east;

·         A walkable neighbourhood close to the heart of the village;

·         Approximately 40-50 dwellings for options 1 and 2 and 38 dwellings for option 3 including affordable and market;


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Do you know what the time of the last bus is out of Sidbury is now?  Mr Yeates advised he did not have that information to hand.  It was advised the last bus was 7pm so connectivity was challenged.

Ø  Clarification sought on the current state of funding for the cycle path given that phase two would go through the site.  Mr Yeates advised he had been informed that phase one funding was in place but not for phase two.

Ø  Do you know whether there are any spaces at the primary school to take additional places? Mr Yeates advised the number hadn’t been checked in the last couple of weeks but suspected, as most primary schools, they were close to capacity and it was something that needed to be looked at as part of wider engagement.  For Mr Yeates information he was advised the school was full.

Ø  Clarification sought on the preferred access to the site and whether it would be via the existing housing estate.  Mr Yeates advised it would be on Chapel Street but other options were being looked at.

Ø  Clarification sought on whether the cycle path would link to the industrial estate at Sidford.  Mr Yeates advised it was not appropriate for him to answer and to direct to Devon County Council.


Simon Collier, Collier Planning on behalf of Strongvox Homes

West_04 – Land adjoining Windmill Lane, West Hill

·         The site lies at the southern end of Windmill Lane with a road frontage within Windmill Lane on its north-eastern boundary and an existing dropped kerb point of access;

·         It is surrounded by development on three sides;

·         It has TPO trees on its boundaries which provide good visual containment to the site;

·         Within walking distance of the village shop, school and close to bus stops through Moorlands and Beech Park;

·         Opportunity for between 30 – 40 dwellings including affordable housing and open space;


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Clarification sought on where the children from this site would go to school. In response Mr Collier assumed that Devon County Council would take this into account and if there was an issue with school capacity Strongvox could work with Devon County Council to overcome this.

Ø  Clarification sought on whether some of the walk near the site is unpavemented.  Mr Collier confirmed it was emphasising if the site was developed alongside the adjoining sites there was potential to make than an even shorter walk;

Ø  How many trips will be generated from the development?  Mr Collier did not have the figures to hand advising it would be looked at before submitting the planning application.


In response to issues raised about school capacity the Service Lead – Planning Strategy and Development Management advised it was a very complex issue and from information provided West Hill School had some limited capacity but not the level of capacity expected to take the level of growth expected for West Hill.  It was not a reason to take sites out of consultation at this stage but the need to seek public views to have a clear idea how these needs could be met in partnership with Devon County Council.


Simon Tofts, Blue Cedar Homes

West_06 – Land north and east of Eastfield, West Hill

·         This site is in two parts, the first part to the north measures approximately 2 acres and the site to the southeast measures approximately half acre;

·         Existing developments from the site is to the north, east and south;

·         Opportunity for communal green space;

·         Gardens and landscaping to boundaries;

·         Looking to work closely with officers to develop a scheme suitable for the site.


Questions raised by Members included:

Ø  Clarification sought on the number of dwellings proposed.  In response Mr Tofts advised it had been earmarked for 31 dwellings in the draft Local Plan but at this stage no numbers had been confirmed;

Ø  How many school children do you think this site would generate? Mr Tofts advised he did not have the information at this stage and said he would work with Devon County Council and the Local Education Authority to alleviate the problem;

Ø  As the site is bordered heavily with trees will these be kept safe? In response Mr Tofts advised some trees were protected, protection areas would not be built in and there was no plans to remove any trees as they would provide screening and are an attractive feature.

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