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Report on hackney carriage fares


The Licensing Manager presented two reports regarding a further request from East Devon Hackney Carriage Licensees to increase the Taxi Fare Tariff and to adopt a new Fare Table.


It was noted that the Committee had supported the previous increase of 10% at its meeting in April and a number of licensees had now changed their meters to reflect that increase.


Discussion by Members included the following points:

·         There should be a pause before considering any further increases due to the impact on the public.

·         Taxi drivers who had already incurred the cost of changing their meters would be negatively affected.

·         Further information should be provided for the Committee before consideration of another fare increase.

·         The differential between the daytime and evening taxi fare tariff should be kept as there is a difference between daytime and evening users.


The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the request to increase the Hackney Carriage Table of Fares to the next meeting.


The Committee agreed not to recommend a temporary approval for using the higher evening taxi fare tariff for daytime fares.

Supporting documents: