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Community Grant Panel

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Information about Community Grant Panel

Community Grant Panel Terms of Reference Membership: 7 members (politically balanced) determined at Annual Council Meetings (Quorum 4).

There will normally be at least two meetings annually with meetings called on an “as and when required” basis to deal with business.


The Community Grant Panel was set up by Council at its meeting on 22nd May 2019.


Terms of Reference

1. The Lead Officer is the Community Engagement and Funding Officer.

2. To determine any applications made for grant funding under a scheme which Cabinet has determined shall be dealt with by the Community Grant Panel (which includes those decisions previously the responsibility of the Community Fund Panel and New Homes Bonus Panel).

3. To make recommendations to Cabinet on the allocation of grant funding which is not otherwise delegated to the Community Grant Panel or to officers under the Scheme of Delegation.

4. To receive information on the administration and use of grants awarded by the Council.

5. To determine the criteria and / or rules which a grant funding scheme shall follow where requested to do so by Cabinet or to recommend to Cabinet the criteria and / or rules which a grant funding scheme shall follow.