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Personnel Committee

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Information about Personnel Committee

The terms of reference for this committee are:

a)    Council has delegated to the Committee the power to determine the terms and conditions on which employees hold office including procedures for their dismissal (s.112 Local Government Act 1972) and to devise and develop overall employment policies (including relating to Health and Safety, grievances and employee relations, retirements, redundancies), training and development plans;

b)    Consider and make recommendations to Council in relation to the Pay Policy Statement;

c)    Consider and determine collective disputes between the Council as employer and the Union;

d)    Monitor the management performance information and develop and monitor implementation of any related organisational improvement plan;

e)    Delegated functions to the Interviewing (Chief Officers) Sub Committee, Investigating and Disciplinary Sub Committee, Employment Appeals Sub Committee, and Grievance Sub Committee.  More information on these delegated functions can be found in the Council’s constitution.