Committee details

Arts and Culture Forum

Purpose of committee

Constitution of the Arts and Culture Forum


The membership of the Forum shall consist of:

One Cabinet member and two Assistant Portfolio Holders

(Portfolio Holder Coast, Country and Environment

Assistant Portfolio Holder Coast, Country and Environment

Assistant Portfolio Holder Democracy and Transparency)

Culture Champion

Three other East Devon District councillors

A district or town councillor representing each of the towns of Axminster, Budleigh Salterton, Cranbrook, Exmouth, Honiton, Ottery St Mary, Seaton and Sidmouth

Officers of the Council, other invited guests and invited members of the public are able to attend meetings of the Forum in an advisory capacity.


Meeting agendas will indicate in advance whether any part of the meeting is to be open to the public.

1)          The Forum shall make recommendations to the Cabinet of East Devon District Council on matters relating to Arts & Culture in East Devon. This remit includes:


Providing oversight on the delivery of the Culture Strategy for East Devon 2022-2031 receiving updates on progress against the Delivery Plan. Also, to consider any requests by Officers for funding to help support the delivery of the Culture Strategy 2022-31.

Future plans and proposed strategies of towns and surrounding villages and arts and culture organisations within East Devon, as well as achievements of the following:

a)    The Manor Pavilion

b)    The Thelma Hulbert Gallery

c)     Countryside Team’s events

d)    East Devon Tourism Strategy activities and events

e)    East Devon and Blackdown Hills AONBs events

f)      Villages in Action

g)    South West Museums

2)          The Forum shall make recommendations to the Officers on other relevant matters relating to Arts and Culture in East Devon.

3)          There will be an annual election for the Vice-Chair position.  The Chair will be the East Devon District Council Culture Champion and the Vice- Chair can be any member of the Forum. 

4)          Any Member may resign or in the case of those Members appointed by named bodies may be removed by the appointing bodies.  The Advisory Forum must be advised in writing of any changes.

5)          Town representatives will be appointed by the Town Councils.  Substitutes are permitted.

6)          The meetings of the Forum will be quorate if at least a quarter of the membership is present.

7)          Every recommendation from the Forum shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the Members present (including community members) voting on the matter, the Chair of the meeting, in the event of a tie, having a second or casting vote.

8)          The Forum shall meet at least twice each year and at other times if business warrants it.  The Forum may set up smaller working groups if necessary to deal with particular issues.  The Chief Executive may and shall at the request of one quarter of the Members of the Forum, convene a special meeting.

9)          If the Chair of the Forum is not present at a meeting of the Forum, the Chair shall be taken by the Vice-Chair and in the absence of both, the Forum shall elect a Chair for the meeting.

10)      The minutes of the Forum shall be open to inspection, and a copy of the minutes will be sent to East Devon District Council following each meeting of the Advisory Forum.

11)      Nothing stated or implied in this Constitution shall be construed as giving power to the Advisory Forum to incur any expenditure or liability on behalf of the District Council.







Contact information

Support officer: Alethea Thompson. 01395 571653